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Any collections worth doing?

I think nashville might be ok. I think it costs about 110-120k to buy all the stuff u need. Sullivan worth 160k. What do you guys think?


  • Personally if your gonna use him then go for it its worth it then but if your not gonna use him then don't go for it just to try and turn a profit. sure it may work and you could make 40k or you could flop completely. Its hard to reliably sell a guy for 160k especially when you think of who else you could get for that 160k, if your looking for him he's worth it but if your just looking to improve your team. theres a lot better ways to spend 160k than on one player
  • If you have the coins laying around, I think it's worth doing as many as you can. You get the hero collectable card which is going to be worth something. I haven't used Sullivan yet, but I hear he's good. I'm using 3 hero's now and they all are great. So I think they're worth doing. I'll be doing more when I get about 200k
  • some teams cost more than others, like ARI has 7 carbons and for CAR its only 3. also COL is only 2 carbons but you still need to give up everyplayer on the team including Duchene, which hes not ceap. all and all to me the players are worth putting on your team not trying to sell becasue from the 3 that ive done the players are only worth and 15-20k more than what i paid, and thats if i can get that for them.
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