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Any Synergies believers?

I have all my players in 6 Synergy categories for same time now, however, can’t believe the team is performing any better.
Anyone feel the same?


  • This sounds like a thread for the HUT forum.
  • I find they're very helpful, actually. I always try to keep multiple synergies on, and I can tell the difference.
    The change is VERY obvious when using "heavy hitters" - unfortunately, only below-average players and legends (with the exceptions of Kronwall and Hanzal) have it, so I don't use it anymore. I use long range bombers, wicked wristers, net front presence, and defensively responsible. The trick is mixing and matching players to be on lines with strategies that make sense (ie. your net front presence guys on a crash style, or wicked wristers on overload).

    Imo, it's very helpful, and the one thing that is light years above last year's game.
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