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Player improving in Feanchise mode

Hi. Im just curious if someone has found a way to improve young talents fast. I am in the third or fourth season, and my Patrik Laine has only went up to 82 ovr!? He has "elite" potential. And Shea Theodore has only went up to 83 and has top 4 potential.


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    Sometimes it seems the development is random for top tier prospects like Laine, Strome, Pastrnak, Marner, etc. I'm surprised Laine develops slow because generally those top draft picks are programmed to develop super fast regardless because they're now name brand NHLers that everyday gamers want to use and will be the face of the league soon. It's just smart marketing to have those big name guys develop. However, in NHL 16 I drafted Laine as well and he was listed as average/3rd line scorer and never broke 78 either.

    I will say this, when you draft a player, if he isn't old enough for the AHL (they have to be 20 before Dec.31 of that year) I don't sign them immediately. Say your pick is 18 years old; just let them sit a year. You're essentially simulating them getting another year of junior. If they are 20, a year or even two in the AHL can drastically boost their development (as it should in real life as well).

    The second tier prospects with top-9, bottom-6, top-4, top-6 potentials seem to benefit from getting top minutes in the AHL the most. I've had some 5th, 6th, and even 7th round picks become solid 78-82 rated players that were 60-somethings when I took them hoping they could grow. I also play some AHL games to test out which players I liked to play with so I know which ones I want to invest in. I've had 1st rounders I've happily moved for a good return because after playing with them, regardless of overall rating, they maybe weren't agile, fast, or skilled enough, etc.

    For elite talent it's probably the same, if you wait a year to sign them after the draft and play in AHL it helps, except we all want to get them right in the NHL. If they don't tear it up in the NHL at 18-19 because they're only a 76 it may stunt the development. I play with some pretty hardcore sim sliders so players in the 70's struggle in the NHL so I have to be careful with where I play those guys.
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  • Put them on higher lines so they get more ice time on your nhl team and use them more to generate scoring chances. If you let them sit in ahl they auto generate their levels unless you actually play the ahl games.
  • Does the scoring, ice time, vital minutes count towards the improvement?
  • If it's human controlled i believe so. I always run prospects on my nhl teams mixing them with prime age and veteran's and they seem to go up faster than if it's a simmed game. I mean you would think more goals, more assists, and a good +/- would make em' go up.
  • But I have experienced in Fifa that young players take a leap at some point during a season. None of my players in franchise mode has taken any leaps. I have even won the stanley cup, but no improvements. But young players in other clubs have grown into top players. I dont understand what im doing wrong. I have followed every advice you guys have given me.
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