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NHL17 - inception of previous versions

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edited October 2016
And yet another day, still the same issues.

This game is failing so hard, it has potential.. but its just another release that EA focuses on the wrong business problem.. What they should solve is network first. Then they should add to that experience. Keeping that experience intact should be the goal, if something messes up the that business problem, then its not ready for the product and should be fixed or declined.

USER EXPERIENCE is key, and the user experience with this games online feature is a shame.

This game is what we call in Sweden, brunsås. Its not good, its not bad, its something people will forget before this quarter is even over, which would be fine IF IT WASNT RELEASED THIS QUATER!!

Jeesh, the product management at this studio must be a joke. I cant imagine that ANYONE of the invited players to your "lets be transparent about doing this game for the gamers" and no one said that online network service is KEY for this game to work.

And the game also lies to us, having network performance displaying 15MS Ping, 0 latency, 0 package loss going up against another Sweden... AKA having a perfectly fine connection.. Yet... the game has syrup gameplay, something is off, you can feel it, you cant move your players as intended, you cant hit the other guy, and still... there in the networks performance display.. it smiles and says, you should be playing against each other as if it was on LAN.

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