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Legion of Doom Set

John Leclair and Mikael Renberg to join Eric Lindros at the
Haggar Hockey Hall of Fame Legends Classic on November 13.
The Legion of Doom line was formed in 1995 and in three
seasons together combined for 305 goals and 666 points.

How about a set to commemorate?



  • Yes please
  • how many Cups did they win together again?
  • The boys got swept in 4 by the wings their only trip. Damn yzerman!!!
  • goat1313 wrote: »
    The boys got swept in 4 by the wings their only trip. **** yzerman!!!

    That McCarty guy too :) as I look to my left and see the front cover of the Detroit Free Press framed on my wall, depicting that sick goal that beat the Flyers in game 4.
    GT - T0o HxC 4u
  • i absolutely agree. which brings me to a point. why in this godly world , is there a card or 2 for GROSSMAN, MALHOLTRA, EMERY???? these 3 players are were useless in their career and served no purpose then and serve no purpose now. for the love of god , i can list over 30 players easily who deserve a card to commemorate their careers other than these folks mentioned. o understand there are right and trademarks to be cleared but , please EA, put the effort you lacked to make this junk, to get some worthy cards.
  • Yeah those are some odd choices.
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