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Hi EA congratulations for your best games NHL 17

Im So happy i can create all fantasy leagues as i want .

i have just 2,3 suggestions for it ameliored :smile:

More logo's catégories and with name team like this" cougars, rapaces, pinguins etc" and this with some police.

Be able to enlarge logo's on the jerseys panties and socks like this "small medium large"

The name of city's its a problem,when i life in Rouen France and the only name i find is Rostock im frusted because idon't can write it, but i don't know if is because license ?

The pub on the jerseys would be really greate but the pub who it already in the game like "NBC's , Tim hortons, Mastercard" that's can be really greate if we can add it on the jerseys like a pack and if we take tim hortons we have logo's pub tim hortons with 3 format 1 it inside jersey on socks back jerseys 2 on the cask and the panties.. you see me ?

Its just suggestions and i have most congratulations for all EA SPORTS teams mr Ramjasings mr Bullbrook mr Agostini and all EA SPORTS TEAMS

and think for the name of city's it would be good to have a new tehnology where we can call our name city , personaly etc..

The best would be download our logo's but i think all thing before can be really good

ha other i think DLC for download players (dominik hasek, gretzky etc) or (yes i say that for me lol) dowload european leagues :D or jerseys arena etc etc but with DLC its a really good thing and interractiv for the game



  • The_B_0_G
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    Wish I knew how to post pics...
  • i don't understand what you want say ...

    But what do you think about this? have you ideas too for team editor ?

    I regret the small arena in EASHL we can't use it on ofline mode.

    It would be cool to share rosters but if people create team who call it (pitsburg pinguins) that can make problem with license, no?
  • ok.

    its possible speak with adult people?
  • ke0niPD
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    Good job guys... Drive away the guy who doesnt speak perfect English and just came in to complement the create a team feature. Which undoubtedly is one of the more well made features in the game.

    I mean I dont speak English as a first language and I could work out what he meant.
  • Well he is right team editor is better than before, what he forgot to say is that the gameplay is awful. So It's like having a very nice looking car with a 10hp 1957 engine in it.
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  • you know what ? go to vote donald trump you well have the same president like your **** mentality
    i never back here

    **** intolerant

    where you from bro?

    He's from France.
  • The team creator is very good and has a lot of depth but I really hope they make some fixes for NHL 18

    1) when changing the colour of something I wish it would highlight the area being affected. It is dang near impossible to make goalie pads.

    2) intro props need to actually work in the intro.

    3) I want to name my city/team name and not be forced to use options.
  • sorry man i from france ;)

    soory for my hungry its just for people they have nothing for speak ... sorry for my english i learn and im in progress.

    yes team editor is very nice, we can create how much team ? its save on the cloud too or no? i ask because in latest NHL we not can create more 200 players and 30 teams and that was a very problem...so now its ilimited or no ? that's can be really good for europran like me who want custom our leagues ...

    in offline mode we don't can use other arena ? there is just one categori of stadium or we can win it in EASHL and use it in offline mode for create our team? i have most regret because i don't can use the small arena because in europe its most arena with 3000 4000 seat and that can make really .

    for the first time i don't want see my french and italian leagues in the game because i can create it with team editor but just want like i say in my headtopic
  • The basic EASHL arena can only be accessed in EASHL which is a bummer. I love how it has the beer league feel to it.

    I don't know how many players/teams you can create but I would assume it is the same as NHL 16.

    Arenas are based on the home team selected. You can't change the arena.
  • i know its ilimited because i create 300 players iknow i know im crazy lol but when i think aboutthat i understand why we can't have our name and each name commentary because its possible EA don't have licence for this ?!!! its not a serious problem like you say its a beer league not official league, so i think now it would be good we can make on the chandails like this for example : https://www.google.fr/search?q=czech+extraliga+litvinov&client=tablet-android-auchan&biw=1024&bih=600&prmd=nvi&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjsqvnQ3vvPAhWEHxoKHaFKAokQ_AUICSgD#imgrc=vpQKxPRZbSIsKM: but with EA partner publicity and possibilite custom the size and same thing for the logo's, i understand why EA don't make this its too because they and you are canadian or american and we in europe its others culture of hockey but in europe its different usually but in NHL EA there is most players from Europe leagues and even in France the brothers to jonathan bernier playing in magnus league and most others player from canada america etc but the french hockey is on expansion this years there is a new leagues its not magnus leagues now its saxoprint magnus league the last years they play 26 game by year and now with saxoprint its 44 game like other european leagues, i think they progressed and the years 2017 for the champions hockey leagues these ready for competition ..

  • I think they need many more custom logos, and for the vintage logos and current team logos, they need to remove any team writing on them. Toronto Maple Leafs writing, Rangers, ect. Also, the zone you have selected when coloring should blink on the screen or something, have some highlight to know exactly where the zone is. And for Pete's sake, give us the Mighty Ducks logo!
  • for show what i want say i make picture here, say me if you see or no ? because im not expert with forum

    - effects on the chandails like flyers or waters or EA logo's or stars or all others same thing
    like this :


    And a category for logo's with just escutcheon like this:

    -sponsors of the EA partner like Honda Tim Hortons NBC's MASTERCARD etc .. possibility make them on the jerseys with differet size and place

    (sorry for my design lol)


    - write the name of team with different police and can make it on the jerseys in different place, like this:

    - A shop would be really greate, what do you think about that ? A shop where we can buy chandails logos arena but too players like Hasek ...
    i say dominik hasek because its myfavorite player and im ready to pay 10 dollars for play with it lool serious it would be very useful and why not with it can buy team's
    from leagues in the world
    ( im honnest when i say that i think in first thing for my europe team's lool) but that can be usefull for australian japan man etc ...
    and all these team can be add in a new category like" rest in the world or a thing like that .

  • alexinov1985
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    hi man's ladies

    i test create team and for the player we can create at maximal 600 players and roughly 50 goalthender so its a really beautifull progress ! i prefere 1000 to 600 because i need more players for customleagues
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