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NHL Rewards?

Anyone else remember singing up for this at the end of NHL 16 last season?


Well we're about a month or so in and other than a free pack in 'HUT 16' & daily rewards this year which has been standard for the past however many years I haven't seen nothing...

As a comparison. Last year I signed up for the exact same thing they offer players of Madden's MUT 16. Throughout the season I remember receiving TONS of packs which I ended up getting more than five 88+, and two 90 + players all including Totw, milestones whatever all the similar card editions right. I didn't spend a dime other than buying the game itself.

So here I find myself buying the Super Deluxe version of NHL 17 where pre order packs disappeared on me 4 days after release, the weekly packs have expiration dates, maybe some of you like this years gameplay but I think it is atrocious that "NHL" players seem to handle and pass the puck like a bunch of drunk old beer leaguers (something similar to that alumni game between the Jets and Oilers this weekend).

But I digress. I just would like to know if you guys think we will ever see any rewards from this so called "NHL rewards" system? Or do you think that they're so busy coming up with the next collection sets that they just forgot all about this "reward system" ... wouldn't doubt it.


  • +1...... Maybe they will shoot us a couple of freebees in the future, But at this time last year we didn't have to sign up and i think we got two free packs already....Halloween is around the corner and i'm sure they gave us one for that last year and they missed the start of the nhl season, Which i'm sure they gave us one.
    All in all, We are all just bricks in the wall
  • ESPOtheDON
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    a little customer appreciation is always nice... we shall see
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  • Hey I almost forgot about that. Would be a nice treat if we get some stuff :)
  • I have alot of what would be concidered great players. They still play like a bunch of beer league losers. !!!
  • 1 lucky winner will get a signed larkin hut card, so excited... /s
  • long time NHL customers right now...


  • No on wants a cardboard poster that is going to take ages crossing through boarders & customs alright... we want some digital content to put towards these god forsaken Sets, man.
  • kreytus wrote: »
    1 lucky winner will get a signed larkin hut card, so excited... /s


  • long time NHL customers right now...


    Ive never felt so unappreciated. This is a joke.
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