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Franchise Mode: Later bloomers

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I got this idea since Shane Harper of the Florida Panthers made a remarkable success in his last game with the Panthers vs. Avalanche netting 2 goals and earning the first star of the match at the age of 27. It was also his first NHL goal and this was his first NHL call-up.

So, I've been thinking. It'd be great if we'd be able to have similar stories in the game as well. Those guys who spent their entire career at AHL or different leagues only to be called up by you as the GM (because you saw the potential) and then see them perform well at the NHL level. Surely these are rare, but not that rare, they do happen in real life.

The problem is that it doesn't really work for you to call up 70 overall players at 27 years of age. They've done their developing (according to EA) and game-wise that's just not useful for your team.

So, I thought what if players had separate development in separate leagues. Not all AHL top scorers could adapt to NHL, but once a while you may find one player who is actually quite good on 4th line or so and develops to 80~ something in the NHL level. Would in my mind make it more realistic and fun for us players to scout for those players and test different variations.

Could also add the individual player training from Fifa, where you can train chosen attributes of a player once a week, training 5 players per week in max.
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