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  • CanadianGamer28
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    edited November 2016
    i don't even know why he is so angry at me he's been on me like white on rice
  • ah yes.... fighting fire with fire, classic
  • Haha expect a nice juicy ban
  • I'm not mad at you I actually like you its rare you find someone so painfully numb to troll.
  • thanks i guess
  • plus ea is so lazy no one will get banned at all i heard they rarely ever check here
  • Anytime bro anytime... ;)
  • Got to keep packs but this is where I think it should be changed. The cost of a single pack should be relative to the market value. It should not cost 25 USD or more or 100k plus coins for a premium player pack that almost always has a market value of 10-20k in the auction house. You can't stop coin buying if you are going to contradict yourself w/ high priced packs with little to no market coin value in them. Drop the prices!! Keep the odds low. Let people enjoy the process of ripping packs for a little while at a low cost hoping to get a few decent players. Get rid of silver and bronze packs. Gold only and the special packs with same low probabilities. Have the product match market value in the auction house.
  • EA_Cian
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    Let's please try to check the date a thread was last active before we hop in.

    As this thread's been dormant for 2 years, I've locked it.
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