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Where's 2K Sports when ya need em'?



  • I don't know how anyone could knock 2k they at one point had the better game in my opinion, I'd much rather throw on NHL 2K6 over NHL 06 any day of the year. NHL 06 was not at all a good game. EA NHL didn't turn it around until 07 and it built off of that. But if 2k ever built off of that spectacular goalie mode from 2k6.... oh my, they would probably still be making NHL games today but they didn't and well they're making mobile NHL card games now.

    I really wish 2k had succeeded, competition could've been helpful for EA.
  • I encourage everyone to go over to 2ks forums and voice this opinion. It cant hurt to have them see.

    I also encourage everyone to go to the backwards compatible list on Xbox.com and vote for 2k hockey games to be included in the list. They will only get in with enough votes!!
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