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Goalie T push/L2 feedback

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I'm starting to flirt with this and I've noticed that my goalie doesn't seem to recognize where the puck is. I.E. Pass from the right boards to the defense in the middle. I'm positioned on the side of my crease so I use L2 and up and slightly to the left. However, my character reacts more to the left than the up so instead of even being at the center of my crease he's at the top to the way left. That's even if I've pressed the controls hard enough. Sometimes it's like pushing rocks up a hill and sometimes it's like I'm on ice using ice skates.

My suggestion/feedback is to make L2 a lot like the L2 like skaters get. Let my guy square up faster allowing my character to get the right angle instead of us trying to guess the angle with zero help from our goalie. If you allow us to lock onto the pass/receiver a bit more while using L2 we'll be able to move more realistic and get over in time with better angles on one timers or passing options much better. Also, it'll cut down on the "make precision faster!" Cry.

You guys really need to smooth out the T pushes. You're lucky Gs don't use it more. It's buggy as all hell. Yet it's effective. Just really unpolished and buggy.
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    Starting to really see the promise of this feature come into focus. It's day two and although it still feels like pushing rocks up a hill sometimes. I'm making or coming closer and closer to making those back door saves. I've also been trying to limite the directions my T pushes go. Up, Down and Left, Right only. Using aggressiveness to stop far post shots. Helps a lot but still buggy movement even when my timing is correct.
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