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Why not just remaster Nhl 09

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Since remastering seems to be the new trend, why not just remaster nhl 09, I would certainly buy it: no hostile momentum, much less randomness, a game too arcade to be true, a billion amount of glitches/exploits but at least it's fun.


  • Lol!!!
  • :| .....
  • sgiz1
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    This would be awesome, please bring 09 old gen to new gen. The game was so much fun back then...
  • and you would probably hate it now. Its evolved so much, I know I would. I like the game in its current state. Would like it better with the attribute system, but at least this way I can jump in anytime and feel equal to the opponents.
    Not that it matters, but at this time i would have both superstar goalie and skater. almost legend.

    If they do bring attributes back I would like to see stat requirements based on class for it aswell. Gpg/ppg/hpg, takaways. Saves/save% gaa. along with games played/wins.
    With a way to penalize boosters.

    Ways to degrade If you play bad for (x) number of games you fall back.

  • go here


    its got a TON of MODS for NHL09.

  • That's very different game from console version tho. Much worse.

    That's why pc version died. It was a bad game.
  • that would def be cool for those who enjoyed that more arcardey style. Like what cods doing with their modern warfare remastered would be a great idea for next year that way the guys who like the new tps style gameplay got something and the guys who like arcade got something. I'd personally prefer nhl 11 but if they were to do any of those years id def play.

  • Why not.
    I liked even 08 that time, played it online a lot.

  • I liked Nhl 11 a lot too. Especially for manual speed passing.

    Thankfully its back in 17. Even better we have now sliders so we can tune range between slow and fast passes.

    What still sucks tho is that this slider is not really working for ai. So ai still passes in constant speed (no matter how far or close their teammates are) which makes them look really stupid/robotic.
  • I still play '09 with my buddy via couch VS. It's still a great game. I also own a copy of '09 for the PC...they are two different games. The PC port of '09 was complete awfulness.

    Also, '09 is a different game then '11 and both are much different then '16/'17. The difference does not make them good or bad, it just comes down to which do you prefer.

    Here's an idea for EA & Dev's...reinstitute '09 servers. Allow '09 to be reverse compatible (ie Xbox 360 port to X1).
  • djneohockey
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    Yeah, I think I agree with many of what you said. That's why I believe that smarter, less robotic AI should be the main focus for Nhl 18.

    And I said exactly that in our chat with the devs just few days ago. Don't really matter if you prefer arcade or sim, everyone would benefit from that.

    Its interesting what you said about 2k hockey Ai. How is that possible that this almost 7 years old game has somehow better hockey Ai than Nhl 17?

    And to be honest Nhl 2k10/11 is more tech demo, build on Nba 2k engine. Its not even a finished a game. Its packed with dozens animations, many of them are badly blended together, but it still keeps me coming back.

    Its because it feels alive, its mess, but breathing. Anything can happen at any time, just like in real hockey. its exciting!

    Now Nhl 17 feels more polished of course. But after some games, it feels pretty repetitive. Its heading in a good direction, just not there yet.
  • UE3371 wrote: »
    NHL 11 was the GOAT. Largest community, most competitive ever. Easily the most fun game this series has ever given us in my eyes.

    11 is by far the best overall game they ever made.

    It contained most of what made 10 great but added little important things like boardplay

    Great control vision
    great gameplay
    great defensive tools
    great offensive tools
    super fun to be goaltender in
    super fun to be defense in
    super fun to be offense in

    100% skill based.

    Remaster 11 if you will remaster a game. It was a masterpiece.

    As much as it was more arcady than today's game and looked a lot less realistic than today's game, it was the most fun and it felt a lot more like real hockey than today's game.

  • Ya but it was missing crowds and mascots and fancy lighting and 50 different goal celebrations...
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