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Powerplays in this game

Obviously something is wrong with it... Why in Real Life defending team will dump the puck 95% of the time, but in this game it's like 20%. Most of the time people just crash the PP team's net and it tend to works.

I got a ton of goals a man short, it's like if my guys were faster and better than at 5 on 5, some kind of attributes boost. Last year, I remember spending a whole period short handed due a to a bug in the game and once energy lines of both team were at 0 I was dominating the guy like it's not even possible. Pretty sure it still like that, you get a boost in PK.


  • This might be due to unadjustable sliders. Pk team would be in high energy/low efficiency. PP team would be on low energy/high efficiency. Also i think the PP teams defense take more chances.
    Reason for this i.m.o is PP want to keep the skaters with energy to stay on the ice longer, while PK team looks for shorter high energy shifts.
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