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A couple of things which make my HUT solo experience bad

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Yeah, git good and all that. But here's some clips as examples of what makes solo HUT so infuriating for me.

In above, my defence is just clueless, and noticeably lacking in puck control. Look how easily the CPU just goes through my guys. Good luck trying that against the CPU, would never happen. And the final brain-fade of Boychuk... he starts with covering the opposing player in front of the net, and me in control, but then forgets him when he moves a bit back, when I chave take the control of the other guy. I guess that passive box for you, or the AI cannot keep up with what it's supposed to be doing?

In above, the CPU is using insane skills to deke it through my stick, but drops the puck a little. But no worries, my other guy completely missed the puck, so it's just an easy back-hand to the net. Nice!

Above we have an example of clear tripping, except I am a little concerned about the timing. Looks like the animation doesn't quite keep up with what the simulation is doing, or the CPU player filmed?

The above was a quick situation, but it looks like my AI guy rushes in for the puck, just when I was about the shoot it in the empty net, and nudges my guy, so nothing comes of it. :/

The CPU doens't seem to mind much my feeble pokes in the above. No doubt my timing as off or something. I am just saying that if it had been the CPU doing the defending, I'd lost the puck no doubt.

This seems to happen a lot to me, if I am not extra careful to dump the puck away cross the ice, rather than parallel to the boards. I am not sure what the aim circles are telling?

Perfect example, I goof it buy a sloppy reception of the puck coming along the boards, the CPU gets it and totally blindly puts it perfectly to the stick of a team mate. Surprisingly bad one timer, but then check out the insane rebound shot. Wow, these guys do not have spines at all do they! Hire that man! (and see how the game gives me the control of the guy zooming past the goal, only when it's too late to put the brakes on AND STAY IN FRONT of the goal.

Very common issue with speed. Your guy is hustling along the ice, and the opposing CPU dman not only keeps up skating backwards, but has the time at his own blue line to hit the brakes (judging by the flying snow) and the zoom in a different vector to maul my guy all over the ice. Nimble that.
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  • I feel ya.
    What division are you in? In my experience this year. Division 6-10 were really enjoyable. When I hit 5 is when a lot of the stuff went south (Currently 4).
    Game play got slower, stuck in mud, 18 wheeler turns and such. The computer AI got their laser passes back and my Ai got more deficient. If I got any where near the AI they would magically take the puck.
    There's many other things as well but that's just a sample.
    I did find a counter so far and have been doing better. I slowed my game WAY down, passed less and more point and slap shots (from anywhere it seems).
    And if I was on a breakaway and the computer way coming from behind just rip it cause once they touch your backside you will immediately lose it right to them and they are going the other way.
    It's like I had to reinvent myself which actually wasn't a bad thing.
  • I was in division two but got relegated to three - I always choose the more difficult season too.

    It's just no fun to play, and using super star players doesn't seem to do much against the CPU. So I just use 84 to 87 OVR players to have a four star team.
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    I'm in Div 3 with an 86 team. Haven't played in a while but you basically have to play like a cheesebag against the CPU. If you try playing anything that resembles hockey you will get burned and you have to keep CPU shots to a minimum because your goalie (no matter who) is Swiss cheese with cinderblocks for pads.
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    That's right, you have to keep it simple, and the ways fo scoring are just a couple, dangling it between the points, and then wristing it, or slappers from face-off. Sometimes regular slappers with deflection. The CPU goalie grabs everything else regardless of their rating.

    At your end, if you can keep CPU shots under 10 per game, you're sitting pretty good, but even then it is probably scoring once or twice, because CPU scores at will, if given the chance to shoot. About 1 goal in 5 shots. And you can see a mile away they're gonna score.
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