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Playoffs question

Just a quick question. Do playoffs only come around once a month again? I remember a couple years ago (NHL15?), playoffs were every weekend. From what I can tell, we have to wait an entire month for 2 chances to win 4 in a row. Kinda bummed right now because my team just got disconnect when we were winning in the 3rd period of our first game, then won the next 3 and lost in the championship game. Would've probably gotten it, if not for our bad luck in the first game.


  • Once a month.
  • Reganation4Prez
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    edited November 2016
    We won the rookie cup last month but will be competing for the elite cup this month. I think we will cherry pick opponents to be safe. I love the banner. I'm glad you get a least 1 loss. I thought it was 1 and done. Good luck everyone.
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