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(PS4) 2Way Center/2Way RD - Defensive Minded

I am looking for a club, I am over 30.

I can play Center and RD

As a center I move the puck, Get way back into the defensive zone to lend support to Def.
I move the puck first, I watch the D closely and Support them as they fall in on Occasion.
My stats are typical 55% FOW or higher. (not played much club for NHL 17) (09-16 Club Steady)
25% goals 75% Assists. I read as best as possible what the wingers are doing and feed them the puck.
If in right moment, I can drop in a goal or 2.

As a RD, I play my position with no interest in pinching. I will move up the board if there is a crash in the slot. With a strong RW with D in mind, then I can switch immediately back to my position. That scenario not common on my end.

If interested, I on EST. Common hours include days, and often from 8pm - 11:30pm weekdays. Weekends, With Beer close by, I play often and a bit later then the week.

hit me up (PSN) - Claim-More-Lives


  • BlahQz - Owner of WikkiD6 - PS4
  • I have an avail name O_sacrifice_O those are ohhhhs not zeros... add me?
  • I'm at work, but I have a few guys on ps4 now doing drops. I told my boy Pup to add you to their psn
    BlahQz - Owner of WikkiD6 - PS4
  • I got into a game with Puppy, He was on LD and I was trying for C but was on RW. It was a good game, I was looking to support the D as a RW, something as a C is easier to do on my end. I am offline to eat and clean up. I look to return by 8-8:30 Pm EST. if there is more try out in drop in etc I am up for it. I`ll check when I come back on.
  • Also if it matter`s I am older player, I am not a kid as I know most don`t want to play with 12 yr old`s and me neither.
  • BlahQGhozT
    136 posts Member
    edited November 2016
    I"m 38 myself actually....Ant is in his early 40s....everyone on the club is mature and down to earth guys.

    Pup is usually our LW. He just plays D in drop ins for the sake that there normally isn't anyone playing D in drop ins lol. He did mention to me how you were helping out on defense as a rw which is good to hear. I agree it is much easier as a C since you have more free reign to support everyone. Usually I play C when I'm on (although I can play anything really)....but when I'm not on I want someone I know who is adept at being responsible defensively. So far so good from what I'm told man.

    I'll see you on later
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    BlahQz - Owner of WikkiD6 - PS4
  • cool. i am online until 11:30. if there is any action let me know on my O_Sacrifice_O name... its diff then this one cuz i'm signed into ea on here on other psn name
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