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EA Help Contacted-Moderator or Developer please HELP

Hey Guys

Just wanted to let everyone know that I, like many contacted the EA help.
The best response I have received so far is this

I just checked this issue with my team and I would like to inform you that several other players are facing the same issue worldwide and we are aware of it, this is server generated issue and Our Specialist Team and engineers are working on best of their capabilities to fix it as soon as possible."

I asked what he means by that, if it is for future packs or if it is for compensation.
No answer

They keep redirecting everyone to post on the forums, but I have yet to see a moderator or developer answer, has anyone else seen one?

15/15 Available pack limit purchased, not a single Movember player received.
When I buy REAL hockey cards, I don't buy individual packs, I buy the box as there is a GUARANTEED card in it that is of greater value than the rest. I would consider buying 15/15 to be the same, am I wrong in this?

I was also suggested by Ajitav to wait for the issue to be resolved, and then continue to buy packs. Ya, that's so much easier said than done hey?

Would love to hear some feedback by a developer as your EA help desk continues to suggest.


  • Hopefully this isn't considered calling a moderator by name, as I don't know any?
    Just doing as suggested by your EA chat help
  • They pawned you off here. Customer service does this. I actually had a former blue Cross head of customer service talk to me about how they play games like seeing how many times they can transfer someone before they give up. Or how many times they can make it so people don't get things paid for. Stuff like that. I have also had my mobile provider do the same thing to me when I was disputing my bill charges. It's a game giving things away for free or compensating something is a hit to their bottom line.

    Guaranteed this never gets resolved. Although it is quite clear that nothing is guaranteed in these packs so I think you are all out of luck.
  • 100% Guarantee
    More so just want to see a response from someone who works directly or indirectly for EA with a response that actually makes sense rather than a run around.
  • Even if the cards weren't available to pull, they don't have to admit there's a problem. The explanation is that the odds are stacked against you to pull a good card, which many of us could've told you ourselves.
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