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Career stats in Be a Pro - NHL 17

So did they remove this feature? I completed a full season and playoffs and now in my second season. I wanted to check my career stats and can't seem to find where they hid this. Any ideas or did they remove this so you can't see how close you are to a milestone?


  • If you go to player stats for the regular season then click R3 or the right stick it opens up player info, then you press R1 or RB and it will have full career stats
  • becwy
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    Yes, but you can see only season by season, not the overall statisctics, for example that you have 1000 points in career. If you wanna know, you have to count.
  • It sure would be nice, but I do reckon that there are other issues with the mode outside of career stats. A lack of improvement to the mode itself being chief among them.
  • NuttySportsFan
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    edited June 2017
    I agree with Bruins. Here's a few things off the top of my head.

    1) I'd love to see an actual depth chart comparing yourself to your teammates featuring hot and cold trends of players to help you determine why you went up or down a line.

    2) Introduce team chemistry in BAP. A good team chemistry system would allow higher chemistry players have more awareness of your mistakes and cover for you, or skate to a general area you tend to pass the puck. Maybe even players who have really high chemistry would be more willing to drop the gloves on your behalf.

    3) ACTUAL team practice sessions where you run drills to get XP and learn your team's system before jumping into games. Maybe even have them focus on your upcoming opponents to focus on countering their playstyles.

    4) To expand on that, why not just make fictional coaches (until they can get real coaches) based on the actual coaching styles of the ones irl. Have those fictional coaches be able to move from one team to another, and have that affect team strategies.

    5) Make team strategies reflect the overall team makeup. For example, If i am 5 years into my BAP career and the Minnesota Wild build a very physical team, they should not play a protect net strategy all the time while defending. They should even begin to forecheck more aggressively, logically speaking.

    6) The ability to decline all contract offers. Getting 4 offers from teams that are either horrible or you dislike sucks. You should be able to play the FA market.

    7) Be able to play in ECHL instead of CHL to start your career. Be able to play in Euro leagues, and with them as long as you like.

    8) Either the ability to change your position or assign secondary position. There is no reason my Winger or Center should be forced to take the place of Ovechkin or Crosby. My BAP should be willing to move tothe wing or Center when it makes sense to. Likewise, maybe my Powerforward or Grinder would be better suited to switch to Defense and vise versa based on the team's changing needs (injuries, trades, losing players to FA...etc)

    9) Request a trade....i mean really....do i even need to say this?

    10) The ability to see the draft board (BAP doesnt even tell you who your new teammates will be each year because...?) and review player information at the end of the draft, so you dont have to write down player names then go scrambling through rosters to find them. I guess that last bit also applies to GM Mode as well.

    11) Get rid of progressive attribute system grind. Instead we should go back to the old system of increasing individual stats as we prefer.

    And that is a list of just a few things that would make BAP way better overnight.
  • gibber1600
    1 posts New member
    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why can't this game show the players:

    1. Team in which they played for that season. 16-17 WPG 82 37 55 93
    17-18 WPG 80 33 58 91ect...……………………….

    2. Display their career stats on their player card.

    Come on guys, this are the basics!
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