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Auto pick ups

Please, please eliminate all of these auto pick up animations. It's so incredibly frustrating having your player either swoop in with absolutely no controller input, automatic turning, automatic stopping or there being no auto pick up and you spend 3 seconds circling the puck like a helpless fool.

The logic behind these animations make absolutely no sense at all. I swear this wasn't such a huge issue during the demo, am I the only one who thinks this?


  • I notice how bad they are trying to pick up pucks around the blue line on defense when you have players offside, you try to just scoop the puck and turn without going offside but the automatic pickup animation skates you straight over the line, usually happens once a game.
  • seriously who cares how realistic it "looks" lets make it realistic to play. i should have full control of my skating while my upper half reaches out and picks up pucks. sometimes playing this game is like driving one of those auto assist cars. you just occasionally direct it along and the computer will do the rest.
  • my issue is - if you hustle, you simply do not reach for the puck from what i see.
  • The pick ups in this game are so broken it's embarrassing but EA thinks they have a good game here. Oh well they'll never fix it.
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