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eashl- use best location is broken!

very frustrated here with the matchmaking. Why, when we have 5 players from the west coast and 1 person from any other region, the game location is hosted by that players location. I can be captain (i live in the bay area), our team as home, and we still get east coast hosted games if any one of our central located players join. Same thing happens when a friend in germany plays with us once in awhile. When he plays ( even though he is never captain/room leader) every single game is located in europe. This is absolutely ridiculous. Make 5 players lag vs 1? Unreal. Any plans to fix this? Im shocked that someone thought this was a good idea. Im pretty sure I kmow why its happening but it still doesnt make it any less ridiculous.


  • Socair
    2716 posts Game Changer
    It's happening to teams with no one on their club from a different region as well.
  • xxH3llsp4wNxx
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    edited November 2016
    that hasnt happened for us yet (maybe cuz we usually match room....see my theory at the bottom for more on that). when only our players from cali, washington and nevada are on we are always on the west. as soon as a friend from central canada/usa or the east joins all our games are in the other region. are you sure you dont have a player that could possibly be connecting to the opposite server? You could be right because i have a theory.....lets say you have 4 players all from the west, you find a game vs 5 players.....turns out those 5 are from the east (match region was replaced with best location). Now you have 4 players west, 5 players in the east, so the game chooses east since more players in this (hypothetical game) would be from that region (you could be home and not playing on the west like your club selected in the club setting page). What do you think about that possibility?
  • Socair
    2716 posts Game Changer
    All I know is that this mess started right before the patch. Wasn't an issue prior.
  • Im playing 6v6 and we all from the east so if we not puting best game location, we r getting matched up with europeean so honestly it make a difference for us
  • EASHL search engine is broken, but EA doesn't care. That's how it seems at least. Match my goalie doesn't always work, match my room size sometimes freezes the whole search, match my region is a joke right now. Everybody knows this, but EA just doesn't want to respond.
  • Yup, we (EU team) get matched up against NA teams all the time, with the search set to strict.
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