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With Crashing Market, Will it Bounce Back ?



  • I am all for this! Keep dropping!
  • insane... I don't know what to do with my carbons lol
  • h8ttrick wrote: »
    I am all for this! Keep dropping!

    no way man.. I invested in 5 65K carbons before MOV... lol

    IDK what to do
  • Been telling you man...you're going to need to ride it out. If the next set is Ovi or Kane or McDavid for 10 carbons, you'll be able to get close to your money back most likely. If they're not the next set, or if they take 25 carbons or something ridiculous, you're going to need to wait until a good set with a guaranteed collectible pack hits (like the Faceoff or WC sets).

    There's no demand for carbon right now, and with packs being opened in force, there are more being created than being sold. Either take your losses now before it goes down even more if you need the coins in the short term, or commit to riding it out until January.
  • I don't think it will take that long... by the first week of December I may get rid of them regardless..

    my team is good enough to play against basically anyone so I can ride it out for a bit...

    unless a great set comes out that I actually want to complete
  • Ya that is the thing too. As soon as they come out with a set that has something crazy and awesome in it like a 97 overall Chris pronger then people will go nuts. Bet they release a Gretzky at some point too!
  • just annoying... lol

    spent 325K on carbons and I would get back like 250K if I sold them now lol
  • They will go back up. It's November this is the month people use their rent money to buy hut cards. The market for collectibles will dry up it just takes one amazing set.
  • thanks for the positive support h8ttrick lol B)
  • Yes sir
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