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Alienating the Long-term Fans


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    Surprised this thread is still going, what with all the mod-bashing going and no 'real' new insight beyond the first page..

    Yah, they should lock and delete every thread where people have an opinion that differs from yours. It must be really difficult for you to have to read each new reply from different people who disagree with you. Im sorry you have to endure that.

    You kept saying 'you' like you're referring to me. Mistake me for someone who gives a sh@t bro?

    30 QQ posts a day about the same thing, you're right they should lock/delete more threads than they do, I agree with you there. But if crying about game physics and coding makes people feel better than have it. All these posts have done a wonderful job shaping this game to the current state it's in.

    P.S, I'm a troll. All my posts are just nonsense and sarcasm.

    You're are adorable slugger. You hide behind "I'm a Troll!" "Everything I say is sarcasm" and "I don't give a ****!" and yet there you are responding to a post when you got called out. You can say otherwise, but it's obvious you care way more than you let on bub. Sorry people hurt your fee fees by pointing out some of the millions of things the lazy dev team has to fixed in years. If you are annoyed by the content of a thread, don't read it Scamp.
  • And no most people know i have never played real hockey, as i have stated before i never learned how to skate. played a c r a p load of road hockey, mostly goalie. Friends would get mad at me for kicking the rebounds so far away. :lol: But its not hard to understand physics and the possibilty of uncontrolled rebounds from bad angle shots. That has been said forever and will continue to be. Probably the most practiced thing by real goalies. They know a majority of the time where it is going to go.
    Thats why P.Roy would get sooo angry at his defensemen.

    No, Roy would get mad at his defenseman for being in the shooting lanes and screening him or deflecting the shot. He was a very old school goalie, who didn't want his defense trying to block shots as he felt it led to way to many deflection. His feeling was, "get out of the way when they go to shoot, as long as I can see it, I will stop it." Also, most goalies when they know due to the angle a shot is going to hit them that they won't be able to swallow the shot, will be able to deflect rebounds of weak wrist shots from the outside to the opposite corner. If you need to rely on your defense to clear rebounds from weak wrist shots from the outside.....you have a terrible, terrible goalie.
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