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Nhl Hut App

Perfect game for a App, these collectibles are very time consuming to collect. to collect 13 per week leaves little or no time to play the game.


  • They used to have one. Then people found a way to exploit it and proceeded to remove it.
  • way to go people. Well is this the only game that people exploit? Dont they still have it for fifa and mut?
  • I think they only have it for Fifa. But there is a ton of security that goes into that app. Also Fifa makes ea more money. Why not have an app for it.
  • how would the app help with collectibles? you mean being able to work the market via the app?
  • I'm sure that's what he means.
  • that would be pretty cool... then again my productivity at work will suffer, so idk
  • h8ttrick
    1661 posts Member
    edited November 2016
    Ya but when I'm at home and my wife is working on notes and I don't have to write lesson plans might as well search around the app. Like I can't be on the Xbox all day everyday. I wish they would bring the app back
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