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EA Investigate the camera - Sluggish gameplay

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edited November 2016
I just played some one with an "ok" feel too it, so i changed from Dynamic High to Overhead cause i wanted to see more between periods, well what do you know... SLUGGISHNESS DELUXE instantly when switching, so i paused the game, and switched back and it felt "ok" yet again...

Im betting they´re some serious issue with the camera overall in this game.. Tried it the otherway around, sluggishness in overhead, but with dynamic high it feels better, but still sluggish..

More can pitch in and try if they notice the same thing, i thought it was very odd. And ofc it affects AI and so on as everyone is saying, cant hit people, gets skated straight past and so on...


  • it's always been this way... various cameras have issues with occasional "sluggishness". especially in the old days of customer cameras (oh how i miss this).
  • I wouldnt call the experience i have being "occasional" , they should investigate it
  • You talking online or vs cpu?
  • djevulsk
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    edited November 2016
    Online , i dont play offline
  • I only play overhead and it doesn't feel that sluggish. Are you saying if I switch to Ice or Classic it might run smoother ? I've never heard of the camera angles making any difference at all.
  • zone doesnt run good either, i dont know about any other camera, i would give a camera a try and then change it to what ever you feel like is the best, for me its chaning it to dynamic high that gives me the "best possible sluggishness" in this godforsaken game.
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