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In Hut PS4 Goalie Just Leaves Net????

I had this happen a few times now and I don't know how to stop it? Ugh!!!

I use the hybrid option for my controller and I don't know what combinations of buttons are being hit to make the goalie leave the net!

Its like he is being pulled for a penalty, when there isn't one? Now I know you cannot do lines changes in hybrid mode but you can pull the goalie if you go into the the game menu which this is not the case here. So what gives anyone?

Any help is much appreciated!!!


  • Same on Xbox. Once in a while my goalie just goes out for a stroll. It's not you, it's the programming.
    I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!
  • Well that !@#$%. I had a good start 0-0 then was all down hill after that! Plus I was not in good spirits after that happen so maybe that's why I lost even though I almost came back...
  • On XB1, if u push left blocker button and A at the same time, u pull the goalie. You can do this mid play if u do indeed need to pull the goalie near the end of the game.

    I'm not sure what the button combo is on PS, but maybe you happen to be hitting the combination....
  • Ya either that or a program glitch!
  • On ps4 l1 and touchpad pulls your goalie
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