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The Movember Magic (PS4) playoffs 1st round [deadline february 15th]

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I made this very simple. The people with most points advanced. I guess its fair because everybody who played a bunch of games actually made the playoffs this way. No need to DQ and cause a lot of trouble in the standings. However, terrible lack of effort to play the games from the players in this one.

I apologize for updating so late, but I remember when I checked back january 13th or so, not one additional game has been played. I just forgot about the tourney at some point due to my real life job which keeps me busy at the moment.

Nevertheless, you may play the playoffs now.
Pairings can be found in the spreadsheet under the playoffs-tab:


Please complete the first round of the playoffs by

Have fun :)

This is the official topic of the
Movember Magic
to be played on PS4.

This tournament is to be played in HUT! Please take the time to read the rules below before joining.

The tourney uses a structure with 4 divisions of 8 players each. Everybody plays their divisional opponents twice for a total of 14 games in the regular season. Top 4 of each division make the Playoffs which will be held in a Best-of-Seven-Format.

The tourney has a hold of 10k. Since this is a new forum and we'll have some new players the chance of people quitting in the middle of the tourney is very high. In order to avoid that, the 10k-hold is mandatory. Once you're out of the tourney, you'll receive your 10k back (minus tax on the way back). However you have to finish all your games (without rage quits).

The winner receives a Movember card of choice
2nd and 3rd place gets a TOTW card with a rating of 91 or below of choice. The rating has to be 91 or below at the time the card is chosen after the final/bronze series has been played.

In case of donation, there will be coins added to prize pool (i.e. 4th place).

In this tournament people will have no seeds at all. All divisions are drawn completely random.

Players will be split into 4 divisions. In the regular season everybody has to play each divisional opponent twice. This means 14 games have to be played in the regular season. As I'm old school the tournament uses a very conservative point system, which means: 2 points for a regulation win, 1 for a regulation tie, 0 for a regulation loss. There is no overtime to be played in the regular season. Please adjust your settings when you invite but make sure no other rules (penalties etc) will be changed.

The top 4 teams of each division advance to the playoffs. The playoffs will be held in a best-of-seven-format which uses a set system (as you will be able to see in the spreadsheet).

As the tourney is played in HUT, the following rules apply:
Period length has to be set to 4 minutes for all games.
Leave NHL rules on
There are no roster restrictions for this tournament in terms of who you may use
It doesn't matter who sends the invite, since it is completely random who is allowed to play home. Unfortunately we can't force a home game.



To sign up, please answer in this thread and post your PSN id. First 32 players to sign up automatically get a spot (exceptions may apply).
When you sign-up I will post a card of 10k. The card will be listed under the teamname Las Vegas. I won't send you a PM but will post all listed cards with the PSN-id who is supposed to buy the specific card next to it in an update (this main thread will also be updated). Be sure to buy your card and not that of someone else. If you do that, you made someone else happy.

Here´s the spreadsheet for reference:

Please read the general rules below.

Here are the rules:
Entry fee : free, except for hold.
Teams : 32.
Reward : 1st: Movember Card of choice, 2nd and 3rd: TOTW card of choice with an overall rating of 91 or below.
Arena : North American Ice Rink is mandatory.
Position Lock : Not allowed.
Player Boosts : does not apply.
Team Cap : None for this tournament.
Cheesy play : The only thing that won't be tolerated is playing keep-away. Playing good defense is what prevents “cheese”/”glitch goals” or whatever some people call it.
Regular Season : Two games (home /away is random) versus every opponent in your division.
Playoffs : The top 4 teams of each division advance to the playoffs. A set system is used. Playoff-Series will be played in Best-of-Seven-Format. Since home/away can't be forced, it might happen that the better seeded team plays more games away then home.
Proof of result : If you stream its possible to keep the stream for reference in case there is a problem. Otherwise take a screenshot just to be save.
Overtime : In the regular season there is no overtime or shootout to be played. Game ends in a tie if there is no winner after regulation.
Overtime in the Playoffs : Continuous OT (has to be set by the home player, look above).
Deadline to play games : I will give 17 days to complete the regular season and 4/5 days to complete the playoff rounds. Don't expect any lengthy delays.
Deadline not met : If people have trouble getting games in, I will take a decision based on the situation. If you think, you can't play a certain opponent because he doesn't wanna play you or simply because he is not online, it is mandatory that you post in this thread when you are available on the final three days before the deadline. If you do that and your time windows are not too slim, you have the chance to win the game by default if your opponent doesn't react. If not, most likely both players will get the loss, resulting in an elimination from the tourney. Deadline will be much stricter than in past tourneys as some players unfortunately took it too far lately.
Tie breakers : In case of a tie in the standings between 2 players, the tie breakers will be wins, then goal differential, then more goals scored, then Best Differential in the games between these 2 opponents, then a coin flip.
Differential Limit : Since the differential between GF and GA will be used, there will be a 5 goal differential limit.
Playoffs : 16 teams total make the playoffs. The Playoffs will be held in a Best-of-Seven format (look above).
DNF : If a DNF occurs and one of the player has a 4 or more goal lead, a W is automatically awarded to the leading player with the current score. Some of us already had comebacks of 4+ goals, but against such quality opponents, it is highly unlikely. If the goal differential is 3 or less, you have to replay the "rest of the game" (please note that if there's 1min52sec left in the 3rd, consider that the final minute is "FULL", so if you have to replay a game, play the first 5 or 6 minutes of a new game). If a player rage quits ingame, the goal differential in this game will be 5 goals by default. You are NOT allowed to start a game and for whatever reason not finish it within the same gaming session. If that happens your opponent wins by default. If you rage quit a game you are NOT eligable to get your 10k-hold back.
Lag occurrence : If you notice lag during the 1st period and the score is tied, you can quit the game and rematch to try again with no lag. If the score is not tied or you’re past the 1st period and lag kicks in, you deal with it.
Division Balancing : The Divisions will be completely random.
Penalties :
1. There are possible penalties for collusion and other unsportsmanlike conducts to be decided based on the situation.

Again, before joining, please make sure you are committed to playing ALL of your games. Failure to do so will might prevent you from joining future tournaments, so don't join if you don't think you'll be able to play all of your games!

Please make sure you've read the rules, as there are a few changes that have been made since NHL 14, 15 and 16, and please make sure to have fun! Games can get competitive, but in the end they are just games, so please have fun!

Hope this seems fair to everyone, and let the games begin!
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