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Division 1 is garbage

That is all.


  • Division 2 isn't much better.

    Div. 1 about 90% of the users play like @##$#$bags

    Div. 2 it's about 75%.
  • Geez, thanks for breaking the news, and in other news today, the sun came up.
  • lol this has been the case since the Divisional format was introduced. Just same cheese shots, puck ragging, 95+ average player ratings etc etc
  • Lowernu82
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    edited November 2016
    Ya theres no way theres ever going to be a way to play players with equal skill/players. i hate making it to division 1, take a beating and heading back to division 2. play a bunch of good close games, maybe stay there a few times and then back to division 1.

    division 2 on is just guys drag curler short side all damn game, if it doesnt go in they just crash the goalie and get the occasional lose puck.
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  • Wait are you all serious!?
  • Division 4 is my favorite... once I hit holding ill lose on purpose to stay there
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