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Looking for opinions

So here is my dilemma

I currently have about 420k
Lines are as follows

Ovechkin-MOV Toews-MOV Eichel
Marleau (Filler right now for Hall) - Brind'Amour - MOV Larkin
Cogliano-Kesler-Milestone Hossa

Weber-MOV Klingberg
Seabrook-POG Green

MOV Jones (Primarily for synergies)

Here are my thoughts...
Toews is great, and I think his value will continue to rise but his synergies are terrible with 0/3 active
Ovechkin is a beast, but part of my thoughts are maybe I should sell him high now and get enough carbons/movember collectibles for next week hoping to make him or someone of that caliber, maybe even Kane?

Everyone else I am happy with, but I am on the fence with either getting POG Carey Price, MOV Holtby, or MOV Bobrovsky (already 3 shutouts this year and is doing quite good)

Any thoughts and opinions help!

Thanks guys


  • hmmm.. how should we improve this 2million coin team........ :(
  • You have an awesome team. At this point will anything be much of an improvement?
  • You have an awesome team. At this point will anything be much of an improvement?

    my point exactly... you can pretty much run any type of line up you want... as for OVI, I cant justify having 500K tied up in a base player so yes, I would sell him

    I would experiment with different synergies and see which ones work best for you... that's all I got
  • Guys just looking for a confidence boost. If you don't like toews synergies go get malkin, getz, Kopitar pavelski etc. I'm really liking kutz right now. You have 420 (funny) in change laying around. Try some guys out.
  • h8ttrick
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    edited November 2016
    Sell ovi do it do it!!!!

    But it doesn't really matter your team is stacked
  • Lol thanks for trying to bash me but it only takes one lucky draw to get a large lump some of coins.

    I might try out Kuznetsov but I agree with ESPO about not holding up big change in a base player like Ovi (although I did steal him for 356k one night). Kuznetsov does look pretty interesting but I got my eyes set on Duchene right now too. 96 Speed is ridiculous, just wish Colorado was doing better than they are.
  • And just an FYI, there is no looking for confidence boost, I didn't post anything on "POST YOUR TEAM" thread. Looking for opinions, that is all
  • There is that Colorado players for mov could wind up being worthless, to a point. However, when you play in the NHL you are a professional and they could always turn it around lots of talent on that team
  • Ya, this is my first year playing HUT so I am not sure how the Movember cards were last year and who went up or not.
  • Well last year doesn't matter it's a new year. Any player with a mov is a gamble they could get injured and that's it. You are stuck with Gabe landeskog and he isn't great but hey he has those synergies but those are just OK. It's all luck thats what it comes down to. Sure there are superstars and they will most likely get upgrades but who is to say when and how many of any until toty. Just something to think about.
  • I wasn't even really familiar with TOTY. I wish I had stayed playing GM mode now that I am spending hundreds into a game that I should only be spending $100/year
  • you will learn soon enough... ill throw another $200 into the game outside of the original purchase... but that's it
  • Ya I keep telling myself that too lol
    The $22 and $26's keep adding up
  • Is this a joke of a thread?
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