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Quick question about the Movember collectibles

Sorry for the noob-ish question. I've only recently just started getting into HUT, but anyway...
I have a couple Movember collectibles right now. Will the cost of these go up when the MOV Crosby becomes available? I'm just looking to get the most coins out of these as I can. I'm not entirely sure how the market works, since I've only been into this about a month now.



  • They are not used for Crosby. If you haven't done every turn in MOV player along the way, you can't get Crosby. He will be 8 masters plus god knows how many carbons. As for the price, it will probably spike on Tuesday, and only go down from there, with a slight spike on days with no MOV pack. The high and low all depends on who the two MOV players are next week, but the course should be as I stated.
  • Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I'm not worried about the MOV Crosby. Way too much. Just looking to get the most coins from the couple of collectibles that I have. Wasn't sure if I should sell now or wait 'til later.

    This helps me out. Thanks.
  • I think it will depend on the cheaper set. If it's a good player like ghost and he's cheap, they will go up again. They were going for a little under 20k and then went up to 60-70k.
    But don't hold them if you don't want to use them. Because if you hold them when the sets are closed for good you will have to use then in the gold rare set.
  • i pulled one in one of those non tradable division title sets... what should i do with it?
  • ESPOtheDON wrote: »
    i pulled one in one of those non tradable division title sets... what should i do with it?

    Get more of them, get carbons, and do a set

    If you r not feeling up to that, do the gold rare trade in set if you only have 1 Mov collectible. Yours is non-tradeable so ya might as well get SOMETHING for it
  • yea ill wait for the next set to see if its anyone i would like.. if not i will do the set... probably end up with an 85 lol
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