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Broken Features Series: Controller commands are random for Dive/Block

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edited November 2016
Issue Dive/block button (xbox) LB + RB.

It appears depending on what is happening in the game the program decides on its own what do to. Have you ever activated this feature with the intent of diving and instead the player drops to one knee? Why is this button shared with two different actions? When does the game decide what to use?

There are times when it seems that there is some consistency:
1) Defending on the odd man rush, this works mainly to have the defender diving to prevent the pass.
2) If a point man whines up for shot, the defenders will mostly drop to one knee.

What about the times when the defender dives/knees and the angle is completely off, facing the wrong way. This is yet another feature that needs to be scratched and rebuilt from the ground up!!
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