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Player Potentials (Franchise Mode)

I've brought this discussion up since NHL 15 and will continue to do so, because I think this system needs many improvements, perhaps a total overhaul.

Here's what I've been considering so far:

- Chemistry ratings. Players playing with certain players on same lines for long time do deserve something. Now you can just swap whoever for whoever and it doesn't affect any chemistry, because there's no chemistry in Franchise Mode. In RL though, Chemistry is one of the biggest reasons for success.

- Late bloomers. I hate it that players stop developing at 27 of age, always. Realistically, many do, but this game leaves no room for late bloomers. Scouting late bloomers would for sure be more fun for the gamer and realistic as well, though late bloomers should still be rare!

- Players are tied to their potentials and contracts, despite of world record breaking season stats season after another. Notice, we don't want to see players jump to 90 overall after 1 season in the NHL, but we don't also want to see a player to be called bust since the draft because he's tied to AHL potential.

- Your managerial/coaching skills should affect players - some players work for you, some don't and their overalls should reflect to that.

- Player training like in Fifa 17. You can choose up to 5 players to train once a week in some areas like shooting, etc. It doesn't help players develop a lot, but by the end of the season you can improve players potential by 1-2 overall.



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