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Percision and T Push change

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edited November 2016
I've been thinking about this a lot. I think the movement of Percision Movement is the problem. Essentially, I think Percision steps need to be shorten up. As of now it takes roughly 3 strides to go from post to post. I think if we shorten up the strides but make them faster and tune the T Push to be more in line with the control of our present Percision. T Push needs to still be long strides but the movement needs to be more under control.

If we get faster but shorter strides we should be able to refine our movement and speed to stay with the shooter. As of now with the stride length and speed of Percision one wrong move on the L stick could put you way out of position. Especially in the butterfly with Percision.
T Push can finally be used under control with effect. Allowing you to reposition yourself corrrectly when the puck changes hands.

I think we might be overlooking the strides itself while using Percision. Not just the speed of it.
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