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12000 point opening.

5 100k packs 15 chances of mov collectibles.
0 collectibles
0 Movs
0 totw
0 special cards

Remaining 6 Jumbos

Nothing worth mentioning.


  • ...well that must feel nice. Good reminder not to spend a cent on packs.
  • I had only 2 of the 100K packs last night plus 15x regular 15k packs but the result is almost the same

    0 collectibles
    0 Movember
    0 TOTW
    0 Special card
    1x Regular 88 McDavid plus 1x regular 88 Pacioretty.
  • leeriehle
    271 posts Member
    edited November 2016
    Wow sorry to hear that is awful.

    EA is really screwing with the odds of pulling good players now .

    At the start of year I was pulling much better cards,but in last month or so the pulls are all 85s and 86s.

    Kind of pathetic how EA can randomly decide to bump odds around to suit them,wish I could do

    this for the local lottery in my favor but oh ya I think that is against the law.
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