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Does Anything Work on this Garbage?

Can't even follow an auction to the end. The real-time auction doesn't show you whether or not you won a bid. The latest garbage showed me being outbid with 11 seconds left, I went to place a bid, the auction already ended, with 11 seconds left. Unreal, thanks EA. You sure keep it in the game.


  • Happens all the time, Sometimes it works in your favor though, I know I got a couple of deals, Where it screwed up the other bidder/s, But ya, not to happy with it the last couple of years.
    All in all, We are all just bricks in the wall
  • What should tick people off the most is that this worked perfectly on old gen but has been broken since NHL 15 on new gen.... even while there was both an old gen and a new gen version of the game it worked on old gen and at the same time was broken on new gen... so year after year it's not been fixed at all.
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