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what camera angle

Is used when you control the extra attacker after coming to the bench as goalie.

I like it and want to use it.


  • Anyone know? I cant find it. I tried them all in EASHL.
  • strategg101
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    edited November 2016
    ya but when I try it in Eashl as a forward the camera doesn't follow the skater. I would like it to follow the skater in the offense zone, and be like it is in the defensive zone. Maybe I forgot to click the different lock options, but I am pretty sure you cant get it that close to the skater. Thats how I used to play in '09 it was great.
  • strategg101
    823 posts Member
    edited November 2016
    Would like it even more if it was forced that way for EASHL, communication would actually play a much larger role in the game, not to mention the game would be amazing to watch on streams. I refuse to watch anything that sees the conplete ice surface If i wanted that i would play the old school games.

    That angle really showcases the games graphics. Its basically like watching the trailer.
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  • Would appreciate a Dev comment on this one. I really, really want that camera.
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