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Having good games, tight and tough up till the 3rd.. then the game just "turns" either for me or the other one...

I mean **** is that, either i score 3goals easy peasy or the other guy does it, tell me how that logic even works? Its apparent its the game, cause i can valse right in and the same goes for the other guy if he/she gets the turn.. its lame takes competitveness out the window


  • strategg101
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    had my opponent score 1 goal through my goalie then 2 goals my guys threw in the net. came back to win, but really all within 2 minutes. :lol:

    Suter threw it in from the goal line while i was hugging the post, hardest pass I ever saw. :lol:
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  • I can't even count how many times I give up a goal in a close game and then on the ensuing faceoff my opponent just walks through my frozen players and scores again.
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