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Hybrid, Athletic Butterfly or Blocking Butterfly.

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Which one are you?

I ask this because I've been doing research on goaltending to improve my game and these styles of play come up a lot.
Now, I understand that EA doesn't offer these styles out right but I'm just wondering what style( Stand Up, Hybrid, Butterfly) our Goalie community uses and sees themselves as when deploying those styles.

Specially when NHL goalies in game are all labeled Hybrid now.

Yet for example: Corey Crawford is more a Blocking Butterfly style than a hybrid but ingame he's a Hybrid. So to recreate a Blocking style. I'll drop to Butterfly for every shot.
Another example: J Quick. Labeled at times an Athletic Butterfly. I'd choose to Butterfly Style or Hybrid but play in the butterfly using TPush to quickly move. Trying to make glove saves and pass the puck out to keep possession.
Example: Carey Price. Hybrid G. I'd obviously use Hybrid and use T pushes to get in position Stand up or Butterfly

I've been trying to recreate these styles( Hybrid, Athletic, Blocking) in game by deploying what I've read about them.

So what current style are you using to portray the "realistic" style in today's NHL? Or what build/moves would you use to portray real life Goalies. I.E Lundqvist.

Recently I've been doing: Hybrid/Blocking style since I seem to take a lot of shots to the chest in this game and make a lot of kick saves. I've chosen Hybrid since the game itself has all Goalies or 99% of them listed as such.

Just something to talk about/try instead of **** and moaning about the game.

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