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Gold Collectibles--On the Home Stretch


I am literally 7 golds away (from turning into carbon #3) to get Trevor Linden. Do you all feel the best way to grab these is by just playing, playing, and playing more, until I get the remaining 50k in coins...to then go to Auction House and buy jerseys or whatever), or should I raise 15,000 coins and go pack ripping every 13-14 games?



  • ChitownFan526
    19 posts Member
    edited November 2016
    I would go the auction house route. I've been buying packs with coins, except for the weekly packs I got for buying the deluxe edition. Let's just say my pack luck is much better on the weekly packs than buying with coins.
  • Are golds that much now? Ive been away for a week
  • This morning they were going for around 6k. My experience is that you get a couple jerseys and mayble a logo or two in a gold 20 pack.
  • All depends if you want that hero collectable, I would just pick him up from the ah, What are carbons worth now? Thought I saw him for 220ish last thursday
    All in all, We are all just bricks in the wall
  • Carbons were going between 55-65k this morning.
  • Thanks for the suggestions, as I am Literally building the last carbon right now. All other 47 pieces are in place.
  • Linden was the only Hero I sold and I ended up regretting it and making another one on a second account. Anytime you can make a Hero instead of buying, you should make it because you get the master collectible which is worth more than 50k in coins.[/quote]

    Since when can you sell the Hero Collectible?

  • Wouldn't it be smarter to sell off all the carbons now and buy them back after movember?
  • I would, they almost doubled in price in a 10 minute period. im expecting them to go down in price thursday depending on what set they release next. they wont stay high forever, so sell them off now for 100-110k and then by them back for 55 when it dies down. ill be buying some up myself when they drop for when the next decent set comes along.
  • I'm very curious what we will be able to use these collectables for.
  • strategg101
    823 posts Member
    edited December 2016

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