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Who Does This ?

Played a guy with the most basic of teams. Probably all back up players............. he backs out of game after 1 min has passed. His last 20+ games were all the same 3-0 DISC. I look at his record and its still 52-46-3 some anthony stark guy...................


  • Probably dropping divisions on purpose to win league title reward packs.
  • Eddie hit the nail on the head. I played a guy once, three games in a row. All disconnected after the first minute.

    I find it sad really.
  • ya a lot of guys are doing it, apparently the rewards have been great from the division packs. few guys have posted photos of mov tarasenko and base ovi being pulled. i recieved a mov collectable in mine when they were worth something.
  • I don't think that when they planned awards for divisions, they thought ahead enough to know this community of playing to exploits would also find out how to exploit that too.
  • They should only provide the division award when your team has a winning record in the previous 20 games or something like that
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