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Edit Player issue

Why does EA not allow us to edit the players height/weight anymore?
This needs to be changed they did this as well on old gen then opened it up for edit later on. EA does a terrible job staying on top of the junior aged players and without a program to over ride it like old gen also had its tough to keep things up to date for us die hard CHL fans.

I love playing offline seasons with the WHL teams when I player edit every single player in the league. I know height/weight is a minor issue but for a die hard it becomes bigger then a minor issue


  • Totally agree, some prospects are 2-3 inch smaller than in real life. Gameplay wise, this make a big difference. I just don't understand why they took it out. We could do it in NHL 16, in NHL 15, even in NHL blitz 2003 on my gamecube. The game should go forward by adding stuff, not removing.
  • i really miss that NHLVIEWNG program on old gen could edit every aspect of the game even edit ratings that we didnt even know existed like the players tendency to shoot or pass more... hell could even edit the names of the arena's and the percentage of attendance that would be shown at games... It was a offline players dream really if i was a hardcore offline player i would of stuck with old gen NHL just for that program alone
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