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How Item Upgrades Work in NHL17

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Hey everyone,

With the release of the first two waves of rookie Gold Upgrades I figured it would be a good idea to go over how special items receive their upgrades for TOTW, POTG, and Milestone items.

A player who's highest overall is 85 or higher will receive a +1 overall boost to their card.

A player who's highest overall is 76-84 will receive a +2 overall boost to their card.

A player's who highest overall is 75 or below will receive a +3 overall boost to their card.

Using Patrik Laine as an example:

Laine's base silver item was a 73 overall item.

He received one Milestone, which then got a +3 OVR boost to 76 OVR because it was 75 or below.

He then received a second Milestone, which got a +2 boost from 76 to 78 OVR because he was in the 76-84 tier.

After Patrik Laine was upgraded to his 87 OVR overall gold card, his two previous Milestone items were adjusted accordingly.

His 76 OVR Milestone became an 88 OVR Milestone item (+1 from 87 OVR). His 78 Milestone became an 89 OVR Milestone item (+1 from 88 OVR).

Hopefully this helps clear up how regular items like Weekly TOTW, POTG, and Milestone items are upgraded and how the special items of rookies are upgraded.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask away!
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