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Not a "Top" club looking for older players who play a TEAM game. PS4

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I'm putting together a club because I am tired of searching for a club that plays hockey the right way. Tired of people who dangle around the ozone and score 5goals a game and think they are good. Just because you score goals does not mean you are playijg hockey. Looking for older like Minded players who really cycle not just use that word. I'm talking noone has the puck for long and everyone is involved in both zones. Don't care about your stats don't care if your a "top" player, just want to get off work and play hockey with some cool people who know how to play a TEAM game. Looking for all positions. I can play wing or D i dont mind playing either. Need a couple of goalies too. Eventually want to play nothing but 6s. So I'm hoping to find some cool people to get this thing off the ground. Message me here or on PSN Meet-my-Heat
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  • I hope you can read my post I made a couple hours ago and maybe we could merge into my club?

    That would be great. We're already prestige 1 level 30 something. Lots of things unlocked.

    I hope it works out man.

    PSN Supersonic41194
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