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Be a Pro bug?

I don't know how many people play the Be a Pro mode in this game, but something seems to be wrong. My CHL coach demoted me to the second line after I simmed a few games, and now just dropped me to the third line. After 36 games, I have 28 goals and 38 assists, by far the most of anyone in the CHL. I could understand if in the simmed games I didn't get any goals, or if the game just wants to discourage you from simming. But I've played my last three and gotten points in all of them. This can't be working correctly.


  • Until you reach at least a 95 overall, you can score 10 goals a game but if you simulate 4 or 5 games within a couple weeks you are getting demoted. Literally I scored 85 goals 100 assists in my draft year but I simmer a few times got demoted and then promoted again and still got drafted 10th overall. BAP has been a joke since 15 and it's all because no one plays the career modes anymore just like 2k so the creators focus more on online cap instead of the offline portion which is the only portion I like. It's like I bought Star Wars Battlefront thinking it would be like the originals for ps2 only to find out that I payed for 12 minutes of game play and all the good stuff only for online. Not even a campaign. This game is really grinding my gears. All they had to do with nhl 15 was make nhl 14 with new crap for next Gen and I understand it was hard to do that hence nhl 15. But then nhl 16 came out and it was nhl 15 again they actually let you play in the chl before you got drafted. Now it's nhl 17 and I must say if nhl 15 is a 0 and nhl 14 is a 10 I would give this a 6 and only because they at least put some care and effort into it. I understand that they have a tough job but they could at least try their best because I am sure they didn't with nhl 15. Even though I complain about this game a lot, I will still buy nhl 18 with the hope that 4 years was enough to bring the franchise back.
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