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Looking for a EASHL Club? Check us out! (Very Informative Read) PS4

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I'm not all that casual, I do care and I want to be a fun/successful club.

We recently had 3 guys split from us, so we are in need of 3-4 players that are fairly active. I'm talking 20 games or more per 7 day week. Not that much really. If I'm not on, guys can play whenever, but our MAIN play time is 10pm-1am central time.

Occasionally afternoon weekends too. Right now we have 3 members, myself and 2 others. I'm the creator of the club and I'd like to meet and find a GM that can help things along if I'm not online and/or if I'm busy etc.

Our club name is Heathen Chemistry. We are a little over .500, and I'd start a new club, but I'd like to keep our Prestige 1, level 30 something going. We've unlocked a lot, and there's a lot of cool things that you can unlock later on, so starting over from scratch doesn't really work this year like previous years.

EASHL is designed to keep clubs together and going forward, not making a new club ever 2 weeks because your team sucks.

Anyways, I play C, and G mainly. I need a RW, G, RD/LD. Really anything honestly. I'd like people to be able to play 2 positions. I also don't want any kids playing. I've had it with silly kids. I'm 30, and I just want to have a good time and win more than lose. I'm reasonable and I don't kick people out for bad performance if they are trying to improve.

If I was going to join a club, and was looking... my club would be great place. lol (I'm supposed to say that right?)

I have a facebook group for the club too for us to communicate on etc. You can send a join req to us, or message me here. I'd like to start a new relationship and keep continuity together. I want to find a few guys that all stick together through thick and thin. I do not like club hopping or a recurring cast of players constantly.

I'd like to get 6-8 guys that are active and love it, and stick together. Is that so much to ask?

With this generation of people... maybe.

Anyways. Thanks for reading.
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  • Hey,
    I am fairly new to online hockey however, I have played HUT and Be a Pro. I have played a few EASHL games and am looking for a club that will allow me to join and grow with them. You look like a good fit for me as i am 33 and don't want to have to worry about the silly kids as you put it as well. It is rather difficult to do things on some drop in games as people tend to just play ridiculously. my gamer tag is GamliTheBearded on XBOX1 I will look you up tonight when i get off work, as 10pm-1am CST suites me just fine
  • I just noticed I didn't put the console lol.

    I'm on PS4. Sorry man.
  • Ha no worries, that's my luck
  • Still looking for 1 or 2 more.

    Thanks meet my heat, philliesgreat, angry penguin and aqua for joining!!!!
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