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Online connection for NHL 18

All this talk of TPS and Pre-TPS and what needs changing is great and all. This all means absolutely nothing if the online connection is still trash. A dev other than Ben who works on the online side of things needs to get on these boards. As it is now we're going to be having the same issues with lag/delay from 16 till now.


  • Having east and west servers is great... if both teams and all memebers are on the same coast (in theory).

    A server at a co-lo / data center in mid west would be a nice step forward for the north america base.
  • Yes, it would but it won't happen anytime soon. We've been asking/needing this for so long.
  • "They probably know exactly what it is and it's probably expensive for them to fix so they are just refusing to. "

    This is the correct answer, after 6 years of heavy complaints on this its obvious EA just doesn't want to spend the money to fix it.
  • My player often feels sluggish like others. Has anyone tried to time their player from goaline to goaline when you feel slow compared to when you feel normal?
  • The only time you get good gameplay is late at night when the servers are not congested....otherwise its an uphill battle no matter what team you have...personally I am like 30-45 ms behind my opponents and my internets so good...console is completely optimized to play online and it just happens I wasted money upgrading my internet cause its the servers...sucks cause you overskate pucks, cant hit, cant pass and get completely out skated with the best teams...funny thing is every year it gets gradually worse as more tuners come out and more people but the game...
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