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Why Is Player Switching Delayed? Controller Input Unrecognized

Same issue as last year. At random moments in the game, you will be unable to switch players on defense. We had threads on this issue last year, it was a known issue. Is it the game engine that is interfering with the controller input going unrecognized?

I can't recall player switching being anywhere near this problematic during last-gen. Why this gen is the theme that doing the simplest of things becomes such a great challenge to pull off?

Is this all due to connection? So was the connection in old gen better because a lot of this stuff wasn't this noticeable back then. I'm confused why there is a roadblock in the understanding that we don't want the game feeling like it's being controlled for us. I like to play video games, not have the game engine feel like it's determining when it will recognize my input. When are you and Ramjammerson gonna stop screwing the mechanics of the game up? This series used to be the GOAT. :'( You're dismantling the fun out of it.

All we want is the simple stuff to remain simple. I'm tired of fighting my controller to pull things off on the fly. Hockey is a fast game, if the controller doesn't respond for just 1 second it throws everything off. Imagine playing Call of Duty and you can't fire your gun for a whole second.

Sorry Ben and EA, I just don't understand why this path of non-control has been so adamantly placed in the game. It feels like it's in every aspect.


  • To add to this subject, why is player switching most notably a problem after you lose a faceoff? There is a major one-second delay in being able to switch players after the faceoff. This leads to guys winning the faceoff and 1v1 your goalie without you being able to do a single thing about it except pray he misses the shot.
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