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Eden Hall Ducks looking for a couple more players.

Just created a new team, my 2nd club. Will not be making a 3rd club as I want to keep all of the awesome unlocks this time around. Just needed a fresh start since some others left.

Name is "Eden Hall Ducks"

Our main play time is daily 10pm-1am central time. On weekends it varies, just communicate with others. I know its Christmas time and scheduling can be tough and all that, but I do need a couple more people.

Preferably someone that can play anywhere including goalie, but what I'm really after is a LD/RD lockdown type player that can hold good defense. We have a great RD guy, but he isn't very active.

I do ask that you be mature, and stick around if you join. We're all experienced and know what we're doing and try to play fun style of realistic hockey. Not into club hopping at all. If you leave, you're out. Play Drop-Ins if you want something else, don't leave.

Anyways... check us out. I believe its open to join for anyone for now.



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