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Franchise bug questions

I am finally thinking about starting up a franchise as online play has been brutal this year and im sick of HUT already....

So my question is this.... Is there any bugs in Franchise mode that i should be made aware of before getting into the mode only to be disappointed after putting all the time in for a game changing bug down the road or even early on

I have read about the fighting bug after season 1 but that doesnt effect me at all i hate fighting in this game anyways


  • Sometimes, between seasons the game resets a lot of the goalies to the generic black mask, which is purely cosmetic, but annoying. The CPU AI's will make very few trades, and often when a trade is made for a star player, that player ends up in the minors, and doesn't get called up til the next year if there aren't enough injuries to make them have to call someone up. When the CPU does make moves, they almost never make sense. A team with a great goalie tandem will sign a free agent goalie for big money. Teams will not trade from strength to fill weakness etc... The GM AI is worse than Superstar Ice Hockey for the C64.
  • That's very disappointing!! I love the progress of prospects but if the mode has such bugs is it worth it... I'm thinking not
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