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Buffalo arena still not fixed

The name of the arena shows up when in the offensive zone. Goes away on some views. No I'm not going to switch to what views work fix it.


  • If it doesn't involve HUT packs and micro transactions, the devs don't care. That's what happens when you have a dev team that never played the game and don't care about the sport they are supposed to be representing.
  • Dixonyu
    675 posts Member
    edited December 2016
    Same with Staples center. Played a guy on guy who uses that arena to get an advantage... Lol ea is a real peice of trash when it comes to stopping things like this ...

    Little things like this are always over looked never fixed. This is one lazy incompetent staff ... Lol. Or they just don't care they get paid regardless.
  • The whole game has still not been fixed, the NHL devs are working hard... to not fix anything. Happy holidays to everyone else that got ripped off by getting NHL17
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