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Auction Market Speculation

3-2-1... Let's speculate. :D With the arrival of the new boys and girls for Christmas and the multiple variations of the market, what are the tendencies at this point ? Sell ? Buy ? Whom? When? I, for one, finally used my coins on advice of some HUT veterans here, and I must say I feel pretty good. I feel like my golds collectibles and contracts will go up, and I never would have been able to get that much 88s and 89s before X-Mas, so I believe it's time for buying. What do you think ?


  • Usually people sell before xmas creating a crash, then after xmas prices go up because people buy players. But the current set seemed to take away players from the market so it could be different this year
  • Thanks ! Im starting to witness that. The upside is some players are now within my reach as opposed as before lol
  • Now, that new consumables pack seem to be a move to help new players with a market at 400 coins for a gold contract...
  • This **** is so unpredictable, I'm getting back my money :D:D
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